Test Prep

Whether we like it or not, standardized exams are an integral part of our students’ lives. With the competitive landscape as thick as it is, preparing for these exams is not a luxury, but rather a necessity. We, at Generation Think, have developed a uniquely exceptional test prep approach that is applied to all of our test prep classes. This approach is what we call, the TLC method. The TLC method is based on these three ideals:

  • T: Teaching Extraordinarily Well
  • L: Largely Individualized Curriculum and Interactions
  • C: Communication (both in the learning and feedback arenas)

We believe that outstanding teaching starts with phenomenal tutors, and also includes one-of-a kind training and proven methods. We believe that test prep curriculum must be individualized, as well as standardized, and that every interaction between a tutor and student must also be predicated on how best each individual student learns, listens, understands, and relates. We believe that excellent communication between tutor and student is a given, and equally important is the feedback and communication between tutor and parent. If all of these three ideals are met, then you have a test prep program that embodies an amazing amount of TLC—tender loving care!

Below is the list of the standardized exams that we offer test prep classes for. Another quality that is unique to Generation Think is that we ONLY offer private or semi-private test prep classes. We do not offer group or classroom settings  in order to provide the highest degree of individualized and personalized attention. This is just one more way we support our TLC approach and deliver the most outstanding quality of test prep.

ERB “CTP 4″ Test Preparation

The CTP 4 exam is given in grades 1-11 by many private schools and is generally referred to as the “ERBs”. The CTP 4 exam is an assessment test used to measure a student’s achievement in the following areas: vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening, writing, and mathematics. Verbal and quantitative reasoning (or aptitude) skills are also assessed by this exam. Our test prep class can be designed for 4th-7th graders taking this exam. Classes are offered starting in mid-February and run through late-April. Summer ERB classes can be designed as well if a client desires.

  • Our private ERB class is designed for one student and provides the ultimate in personal attention and individualized teaching. The class is 8 weeks long. The curriculum is a lock-core style, but because we are in a one-on-one setting, our curriculum is constantly adjusted and altered to meet the individual strengths and weaknesses of a particular student. Please contact us for more detailed information about our ERB course.

STAR Test Preparation

The Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program measures performance on several of California’s Achievement Tests. The STAR exam is offered by public schools throughout California and is very similar to the CTP 4 exam offered to private school students. The STAR measures student progress toward achieving California’s state-adopted academic standards in English/language arts, mathematics, science, and history/social science. The test is administered to students in grades 2-11 and is taken in the spring. Our STAR test prep private class is offered from mid-February through late-April, and meets for 8 weeks.

ISEE Test Preparation

The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) is a private school admission test for grades 5-12. The exam consists of 5 sections: verbal reasoning, reading comprehension, quantitative reasoning, mathematics achievement, and a timed essay. Our ISEE prep course is offered as either a private or semi-private class, and generally runs from early/mid-August through early-December, depending on the test date selected by the student.  Students who wish to take the ISEE exam in early fall can start their prep class as early as June, and students who wish to take a January ISEE exam can extend their classes into the new year.  We are happy to individualize class start and end dates to meet your student’s needs!

  • Private ISEE classes are 11 weeks in duration and semi-private are 12 weeks. Semi-private classes are designed for twins or best friends. Students desiring a semi-private class will be evaluated for academic compatibility before a semi-private class is approved.  Please contact us directly for more detailed information about our ISEE course.
  • The ISEE exam is offered in three levels:
    1. Lower Level: (for applicants applying for grades 5 and 6)
    2. Middle Level: (for applicants applying for grades 7 and 8)
    3. Upper Level: (for applicants applying for grades 9, 10, 11 and 12)
  • Many parents choose to enroll their student in one of our classes even if that student is not applying out to another school. Students who attend our ISEE classes greatly improve: test taking abilities, time management skills, math and verbal prowess, critical thinking skills, and confidence levels.  Students greatly decrease: text anxiety, lack of familiarity with standardized exams, and academic insecurities due to personal, scholastic weaknesses.

Resource: To view registration details, testing dates, and available accommodations for the ISEE exam, visit www.erblearn.org.

HSPT Test Preparation

The HSPT (High School Placement Test) is administered to 8th graders for placement in the 9th grade. The test is used by Catholic high schools to evaluate applicants for admission. The HSPT exam contains 5 sections: verbal skills, quantitative skills, reading comprehension, mathematics, and language (English grammar, not a foreign language). Our HSPT prep class is offered as either a private or semi-private class and just like the ISEE class, is 11 weeks long.

Resources: For registration information about the HSPT exam, visit www.ststesting.com/hspt 

SSAT Test Preparation

The SSAT exam (Secondary School Admission Test) is an admission exam used by various middle/high schools across the United States. This test is often the choice exam of various boarding schools across the country. SSAT test prep classes are offered in the same private and semi-private manner as the ISEE course, and meet for 10 weeks.

Resource: To register for the SSAT exam, and to find testing dates in your area, visit www.ssat.org

PSAT Test Preparation

The PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test) is many times known as the Pre-SAT since it mirrors the SAT exam very closely. This exam provides firsthand practice for the SAT reasoning test, and the PSAT provides an opportunity to enter National Merit Scholarship Corporation programs. Our PSAT class can be individualized completely, from the number of class sessions (6-8 weeks), to the time of year it is offered. Summer tends to see the largest demand and enrollment for our PSAT sessions seeing that the PSAT is offered mid-October of each school year. This course is a great way to introduce your 9th, 10th, or 11th grader to SAT strategies, and have your student become familiar with the exam well before he/she sits for the actual SAT. The PSAT results can provide parents, students, and tutors with valuable information on a student’s SAT strengths and weaknesses. Contact us if you would like us to design a personalized PSAT prep class for your student(s). Classes are offered privately and semi-privately.

Resource: For more information on the PSAT exam and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, visit www.collegeboard.org