Summer Programs and Enrichment Classes

All of our summer programs and enrichment classes are private, one-on-one learning experiences. The sessions are tailor made for your student! Your child does not have to compete with other students in a classroom setting, nor with another child’s strengths and weaknesses. This is all about your student and his/her tutor. Sessions are conducted in-home or at Generation Think, depending on who the instructor is, and can meet once or twice a week depending on your child’s summer availability. We can hand pick the schedule that works best for you!

Summer Boot Camps & Classes:

For students entering into Kindergarten and 1st Grade

  • “Reading and Math Enrichment” (6 and 8 session classes offered) Focuses on reading fluency, vocabulary prowess, and fundamental math skills.

For students entering into 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade

  • We can create any type of 6 or 8 week class for your incoming 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grader in the areas of: math, reading comprehension, writing skills, and general critical thinking.  Since children in these grades can have a wide variety of acquired skills and proficiency levels, we can tailor make a summer boot camp that hits your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and builds off of the curriculum of your child’s school. Our elementary school expert tutors, who only focus on students grades K-4, are exceptional at using the summer months to design individualized programs that address your student’s needs.
  • “Reading Rookies™ + Writing Boot Camp” (8 sessions) This boot camp is aimed at incoming 4th graders. It includes reading comprehension techniques, types of comprehension questions, strategies to be a better reader, and a multitude of practice passages. The class also includes basic writing strategies, what makes a good paragraph, and the 6 essential components of an essay.

For students entering into 5th and 6th Grade

  • “Fraction Action Boot Camp” (6 sessions) Includes an extensive review of: factors, multiples, fractions, decimals, percents, discounts, % increase and decrease, tip, tax, measurement conversions, and word problems.
  • “Action Plus Geometry Boot Camp” (8 sessions) Includes all the concepts that Fraction Action does, plus a review and teaching of essential Geometry skills, formulas, coordinate points/planes and Geometry word problems.
  • “Reading Ravens™ Boot Camp” (6 sessions) Includes reading comprehension strategies, types of reading comp questions, how to read more efficiently and meticulously, and many practice passages and stories. This is a GREAT pre-ISEE prep boot camp for any student heading into our fall ISEE prep course.

For students entering into 7th Grade

  • “X,Y,Z and More ” (6 or 8 session classes offered) This boot camp is an introduction to Pre-Algebra and is focused on getting a head start on the 7th grade curriculum. It includes: Algebraic expressions and integers, solving one-step equations and inequalities, ratios, proportions, percents, and multi-step word problems.

For students entering into 8th Grade

  • Algebra Made Easy” (6 or 8 session classes offered) This boot camp is an introduction to Algebra I and is focused on getting a head start on the 8th grade curriculum. It includes: properties of Real numbers, solving linear equations, graphing linear equations, introduction to slope, standard form, slope intercept, and point slope.

For students entering into 9th Grade

  • “Intro to Geometry” (8 sessions) We will work out of your school’s 9th Geometry text book to devise an Intro to Geometry class that fits your student’s 9th Grade curriculum. If you do not have the next year’s textbook available, we have our own Generation Think Geometry curriculum that will introduce your student to: basic concepts and proofs, congruent triangles, lines and planes, polygons and circles.
  • “Reading Comp Skills Boot Camp” (8 sessions) We spend 8 sessions teaching your high schooler detailed reading comprehension skills and strategies that will be needed all throughout high school and on the PSAT, SAT & ACT. This is the perfect time to learn these skills that are not generally taught or refined in the Middle School years.

For students entering into 10th and 11th Grade

  • “Fun on the PSAT” (6 or 8 session class offered) Students take the PSAT in October of their 10th and 11th grade years. This 6/8 session class gives a comprehensive overview of the PSAT exam and reviews all math, reading, and writing concepts included on the exam. See our PSAT class description under the Test Prep tab for more information.

Enrichment Classes:

Even though the above boot camps and classes are described under the heading of Summer Programs, any and all can be created and conducted anytime during the year as an enrichment class for your student. These classes are NOT restricted to the summer months. We conduct them all year round according to the desires and schedules of our clients.

“Getting Ahead”

  • Generation Think specializes in devising enrichment classes to help your student get ahead. If there is an area your child wants to excel in, we will work with you to create a 6, 8, or 10 week class in that subject area. In the past, we have created “Getting Ahead” enrichment classes for students: who want to test into a specific math level when entering Middle School or High School, who want to get ahead in Spanish or French, who want to place into a higher reading group in school, and who want to refine writing skills. If your student wants to excel, we can help make it happen!