Kelly’s Book

Kelly has a new book in the works and this is what just a few of her celebrity clientele have said about her book, her expertise, and her ability to connect with parents and students alike. Stay tuned for more information about her new literary project!

  • “A brilliant, experienced view into the heart of the education of a child. Neither simplistic nor easy to achieve, but in posing the challenge, Kelly raises the bar. A guide for the helping parent.“
    -Oliver Stone: Academy Award Winning Director and Screenwriter
  • “Kelly knows the art of teaching children and the business of education better than anyone. Now parents everywhere will be able to read the pages of this book and feel as if they are having the best of the best guide them through today’s world of education.”
    -Brad Grey: Chairman and CEO, Paramount Pictures Corp.
  • “Kelly is amazing, and reading her book is like having her in your own home. Because I am constantly working, traveling, and out of a normal school environment, I need to have someone guide me through all aspects of my education. Kelly’s knowledge of education and ability to teach are incredible. She’s definitely my education agent!“”
    -Emma Roberts: Actress
  • “Kelly Trotter is a Godsend. She connects with young people unlike anyone I have ever seen. This book of ‘secrets’ is a treasure chest of incredibly useful information, but the real secret is Kelly herself. She turns panic about education into confidence and performance.”
    -Ted Harbert: Chairman, NBC Broadcasting
  • “Kelly has always felt, down to her bones, the value of education. From striving to get into a top academic private girls prep school, to working to complete her education at a top graduate business school, she has always been fierce in her belief in the importance of education… Kelly has always believed that when you know more, you do more, and when you know better, you do better. She believes when people are educated and better informed, they will make better choices in their lives, seek greater opportunities, and do more to be better individuals, citizens, and contributors… In today’s complicated world, educating our youth is more important that ever, and finding the right resources to aid and educate them is essential. Kelly’s book, and the secrets she shares in it, is a great place to start.”
    -Marcy Carsey: Carsey-Werner Productions and Executive Producer of The Cosby Show, Roseanne, 3rd Rock from the Sun, That 70’s Show