About Generation Think

At Generation Think, we strive to help parents and students better navigate the world of education, and to help them thrive in this competitive, academic landscape. We specialize in one-on-one services that meet the individual needs of each student and family; we understand that tutoring, test preparation, and educational consulting should not be a “one size fits all” service. Although our services are results-oriented, equally important to us are the journey and the development that lead to the improved grades, better test scores, and academic achievements.

Here are some of the principles we have built our company on at Generation Think:

  • We believe that chemistry between a tutor and a student/family is essential for a student’s success, and that without a trusting relationship, educational goals are difficult to meet.
  • We believe that building self-confidence within a student is equally as important as increasing a math grade or getting a higher score on a standardized exam.
  • We know that the beauty of a one-on-one service is that flexibility can be built into every session, and individual strengths and weaknesses can be addressed.
  • We are firmly convinced that parents and students need a resource, roadmap, champion, and counselor to guide them through today’s complicated world of education.
  • Our elite tutors are superior academic thinkers and teachers who believe that keeping a student focused, engaged, and motivated is the key to tutoring success.